“I Will Place Enmity Between You And The Woman


The Blessed Virgin Mary versus the devil. The epitome of humility, virtue, and life, against the epitome of pride, vice, and death. This enmity is talked about in the Bible in Genesis 3:15 when, after the fall of our first parents, God told the serpent: “I will put enmity between you and the woman, between your seed and her seed.” Thus began what the history of humanity will be: a battle between the reign of God and the reign of darkness, a great battle between grace and sin.


God has established only one enmity - but it is an irreconcilable one - which will last and even go on increasingly to the end of time. That enmity is between Mary, His worthy Mother, and the devil, between the children and the servants of the Blessed Virgin and the children and followers of Lucifer.



Where Does This Battle Come From?


Lucifer was originally God’s finest achievement. He was more beautiful, more powerful than all the other creatures that God has made. And as we all know, it went to his head. He was so gorgeous, so mighty that he really thought he could be better than God.


When God revealed His future plan to take on the flesh and nature of a human in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary and dwell upon the earth in intimate communion with humans, Lucifer rebelled. The Incarnation would have forced Lucifer to lower himself before a woman who would be the Mother of God-made-man. Lucifer considered that this would be too humiliating for him and did not want to do it. So he and many other angels refused to continue to serve God and His plan of love. He could not accept that Mary, a mere human, was to be placed over him and all the angels as the crowning glory of all God’s creation. He demanded the honor of becoming the Theotokos. He wanted to be number one instead of Mary.


By daring to test God, they were thrown out of Heaven forever to eternal punishment and torment. Lucifer was transformed into a hideous beast and became known as Satan and the fallen-angels, devils, and demons. Satan made himself, from that moment on, bearer of darkness, rebellion, lies and pride. It is his plan to destroy humanity and to bring us down into the pit. He is in enmity with God forever -- in battle against the Woman that brought the God incarnate to the world, in battle against the followers of Christ who obey His commands.


Mary at the Very Center of the Battle


It is God Himself who introduces the Blessed Virgin Mary to this battle, who makes her the enemy of Satan, of sin and of evil. If she is made enemy of the devil, then she is also given the necessary powers to triumph in the battle and have victory.


Mary was prepared by God for battle. She was preserved and conceived immaculate. The devil never had power over her. In her, there could not have been the slightest stain of sin because then she would not have been able to be in total opposition and enmity against Satan. She is full of grace because it is only in this manner that she could be the enemy of the devil who is the father of sin and darkness.


Modern Times are Dominated by Satan


The conflict between good and evil is intensifying. Our culture is, without a doubt, one of the most corrupt and deceptive in the recorded history of mankind. The catalogue of personal sins and offenses are too numerous to list here but the following roster is a representative sample of just a few: the rise in crime in general (murder, rape, assault, robbery, extortion, theft, fraud, embezzlement, etc., etc.); the general acceptance of almost all forms of pornography; the dramatic increase in sex crimes against children; the increase in the use of drugs and alcohol; the increase in divorce and abandonment of traditional marriage, abortion and euthanasia, and the corresponding destruction of the family. All these sins clearly demonstrate that our present world abounds in wickedness and is simply evil continually.


Satan is on a rampage, wreaking as much havoc as he possibly can—because he knows his time is running out to destroy souls. He will presently raise up cruel persecutions and will put terrible snares before the faithful servants and true children of Mary.


We read in 2 Timothy 3:1-4 - “But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.”

So Now That We Know All of This, What Now?


We ourselves must wage this battle and crush the head of the devil in our life. Our faith is being tested in these times because error has entered all the areas of our lives: spiritual, moral and doctrinal. Due to the crisis of faith, our minds have become darkened and our consciences are confused and disoriented. Sin is no longer called by its name, and it is because of this that we see so much chaos, intellectual pride, rebellion, the seeking of truth outside of God, and the defining of truth in accordance to each one’s personal interpretation and circumstance, i.e. relativism. There also exists a fascination for the occult and New Age movement.


To make it safely through the great battle that we face against Satan and his demons in these times, let us turn to our Mother Mary, totally and completely. This entails surrendering and consecrating ourselves to the Heart of Our Mother, allowing us to be formed, molded, guided and taught by her. It is filling ourselves with her interior dispositions and participating in her graces. It is placing ourselves within her heart in order to be protected in this arduous battle we wage against the forces of evil.


The consecration is not simply a prayer or an act of devotion; it is a commitment and a way of life of obedience, humility, unconditional service, openness to others, meekness, purity and abnegation. Because sin is the root of the battle, our Mother calls us with urgency to authentic conversion and to renunciation of the sin, indifference, doubt, and rebellion found in man today. She is calling us to a life of prayer, penance, love and adoration of the Eucharist, and reparation; calling us to the sacraments; calling us to pray the Holy Rosary; and calling us to fidelity to the faith of the Church. She will help us renew our faith that has grown cold and confused.


Let us love Mary, be her devoted servant, be her defender, her apostle — for nothing that belongs to her will be lost. Her Immaculate Heart will be our refuge and our safe path to God. To her has been given the promise of triumph, of victory over Satan.



Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary for Protection Against All Evil on Our Earthly Journey Towards Heaven


“Mother of Jesus, be our protector and defender against all that is harmful or evil. Bring our needs before Almighty God, that we may be surrounded by God’s Holy Angels, and give us the grace to conquer every danger and overcome all that would threaten our health and well being.


“Be for us light in times of darkness, strength when we are weak, wisdom in our confusion, healing in times of illness, and courage to work through life’s problems and difficulties. Give us joy when we are sad, bread to feed our hunger, and eternal life to defeat the power of death.


“Virgin Mary, guide our life-journey, so that we may always walk safely together with you and your Divine Son, Jesus Christ, in God’s loving friendship. Amen.”



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